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Our Early Childhood Curriculum is proprietary and was co-created by our founder, an Early Childhood Education Specialist. We incorporate thematic, standards based activities that encourage exploration, investigation, problem solving and discovery that will prepare your child for success in elementary school and beyond.

Our challenging, differentiated Elementary and Middle School Curriculums were chosen with great care and created through reputable publishers by Elementary and Middle School Education specialists.

Our Core Curriculum is based on the Kansas State Standards for each grade level.  However, since students are not all the same, higher grade level standards are utilized for individualized enrichment and differentiated based on personalized student needs.

Social Emotional Learning is a vital component of our curriculum. We feel that learning should be an enjoyable experience, so we do need 'rules' in order to ensure that all children are taking responsibility and respecting the rights of others. We help children learn these skills by modeling appropriate behavior and gently redirecting them when they are exhibiting inappropriate behavior. We also take a preventative approach by providing positive reinforcement and keeping the children actively engaged in hands on challenging activities. We utilize Capturing Kids Hearts, Conscious Discipline, Love and Logic, and Moodsters with our students school wide to grow our children into wonderful members of our school community. 

View a sample Preschool schedule – AM                                        View a sample Elementary schedule – AM

View a sample Preschool schedule – PM                                         View a sample Elementary schedule – PM

Your child will feel included in our small school community, regardless of the Program or Divisional 'Growing' Level they are enrolled in. Honey Tree and Branches Academy is where knowledge and respect are encouraged, modeled, taught, expected, and where ‘We All Reach For the ‘Highest Branches’.


“Providing the Highest Quality Early Childhood, Elementary, & Middle School Education Possible”

Language Arts

A carefully selected Standardized Differentiated Curriculum, Daily Oral Language, Grammar Language News, and Animated Literacy Phonics all promote reading, fluency, and comprehension.



Our Mathematics Curriculum allows for a “Hands On,” Smartboard Interactive, Problem Solving, and Traditional Approach to math.


Social Emotional Learning 

Individual relationships, manners, and social emotional regulation are modeled and taught to ensure our learners are kind and respectful.


Fine & Gross Motor Development

Daily activities are imbedded into curriculum time devoted to ensuring our young learners develop fine and gross motor skills.


Adequate recess promotes the emotional, social, and physical wellness of our students. 



Art, Music, Computer Technology, Keyboarding, Physical Education, Library, and Spanish.



Daily curriculum time devoted to written composition ensuring that our students become competent writers and communicators. 


Social Sciences

Our Supplemental Curriculums include Science, Social Studies, and Health. 

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