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Early Childhood

2-5 Year Olds

Preschool and PreK are the ‘Trunk’ of our ‘Growing Children Socially and Academically’ program here at Honey Tree and Branches Academy. This is the time in a child’s life when those beginning socialization and academic foundations begin to grow and strengthen into a solid supportive ‘trunk’ helping to create their own young individual personal social skills and mind. We provide a caring, educational, nurturing, engaging environment to begin growing this vital ‘trunk’ support structure for your child. Research shows that 93% of a child’s brain development occurs between birth and age 5. This growth and development is the ‘trunk', the support growth up from the roots of a child’s foundation. The majority of this ‘trunk’ growth occurs during a child’s formative years, but just like a tree it will continue to grow throughout a child’s life. The base ‘trunk’ knowledge that your young child receives during their early formative years helps to determine the strength and potential growth, ‘of their tree’ in their later years. The proprietary curriculum we utilize for our Early Childhood instruction at Honey Tree and Branches Academy incorporates thematic standards based lessons, books, songs, hands on manipulatives, realia, movement, and differentiated instruction to best meet each child’s needs as they grow and strengthen the ‘trunk’ of their ‘Tree of Learning’. Potty Training We prefer our students two and older to be potty trained. However, potty training is still an essential component for some in our two year old program as well. We consistently take our children to the bathroom approximately every hour and a half, and partner with our parents to ensure they are consistently potty training at home. We have found that when parents and the school partner successfully together, our students are potty trained before age three. Students three and older must be potty trained at the Academy.

Preschool and PreKindergarten
'The Trunk'


Structured Learning

Our Early Childhood Learners have a structured day with a variety of activities. Calendar time, Language Arts, Snack, Free Choice, Mathematics, Outdoor Playtime, Lunch, Rest Time, Spanish, Art, Recess, and Social Sciences. Our Children learn through a variety of hands on lessons that are integrated into our Literacy Theme of the week. Letter recognition, sounds, sight words, counting, number recognition, math skills, writing, and science exploration are just a few of the academic activities your child will be engaged in daily.


Fine Gross Motor Skills

Early Childhood learners need the opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Our preschool and prekindergarten students get to explore with cutting, gluing, painting, safe tools, playdough, climbing, catching, hopping, skipping, etc. to help their young bodies develop and learn muscle memory control. 


Social Emotional Development

We create a safe and nurturing environment in order for your child to feel cared for and secure. Our goal is for all of our students to be respectful, kind, and caring with others. We teach components from Love and Logic, Capturing Kids Hearts, Conscious Discipline, and Moodsters to model and teach our students appropriate socialization skills so that they can become incredible little people that turn into Leaders of Character!



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