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Safety and Security

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Security is our top priority here at Honey Tree and Branches Academy. We have a secure facility that allows access to parents only with a special code entered onto our entry door keypad.

Every parent/guardian also has an individual code that allows them to check their child in and out daily on our school app. This is monitored in our office.

We have a Fire Drill monthly and evacuate the building to ensure all staff and students know the procedures of what to do in the event a fire occurs.

Tornado Drills

Kansas weather safety is a priority so every month we execute a tornado drill to make sure all of our students and staff know what to do in case of a real event. We have above ground tornado shelters in both buildings.


We are very proactive in keeping our students safe and healthy. Cleaning and disinfecting our school daily is one of our top priorities. In addition to normal cleaning, we disinfect tables 9 times daily, all surfaces and chairs are cleaned/disinfected daily, bathrooms and floors are swept and mopped twice daily.


We currently follow the attached COVID Protocols. 

Crisis Drills

Every month we practice crisis drills to ensure that all teachers and students are prepared as best as possible and know what to do in case of an emergency. We have secure 'safe rooms' in both buildings.

We are diligent and have policies in place to ensure that your child is safe and secure while they are in our care. 

Fire Drills
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