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Meal Plans

Health and nutrition are important to us!

Children need to have healthy snacks and lunch in order for them to grow and learn! Their bodies and brains need nutritional food and drink that give them the energy that they need. We provide a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack that meet the guidelines set by the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment and KSDA. These meals and snacks are included in tuition.


We provide lunch with five components: protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Our lunches are catered from a licensed caterer. The meal offerings are balanced, nutritional, sugar free meals that provide the children with the experience to sample different types of food. Children are given a ‘yes please’ or a ‘no thank you’ helping of each item, so that they have the opportunity to try everything. Menus are always posted in the school lobby and are sent home on our School App. We can provide alternate meals if your child has a dietary need documented on the state meal modification form and signed by a physician.


Healthy nutritional snacks are offered daily for all children regardless of age, to keep our student's bodies and brains engaged. Snacks include a drink and snack from two different food groups. Please see the snack menus for specific snacks per age and grade levels. 

Does Your Child have Special Dietary Needs?

We provide alternate meals if your child has a dietary need documented by the meal modification form. Parents need to provide a milk substitute for dietary needs documented on the meal modification form for milk allergies. 

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