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  • Is Developmentally Appropriate

  • Fosters Appropriate Socialization and Behaviors

  • Employs Highly Qualified Master Teachers

  • Maintains Small Class Sizes

  • Is State Accredited

If you are looking for a school that:

  • Is Educationally Challenging

  • Provides a Safe and Secure Environment

  • Is Loving and Nurturing

  • Provides Differentiated Instruction

Are You Looking For The Best For Your Child?

You have found the right place!

You will notice the difference as soon as you walk into Honey Tree and Branches Academy that we offer a high quality program for our students. Our calm, structured, child centered, fun, enjoyable, challenging learning environment is the perfect peaceful place for children to grow and learn. Come and take a tour and see for yourself the exceptional learning experience that your child can enjoy at Honey Tree and Branches Academy. We would love to have you join our school family!

What to Expect

Change can be challenging for children, regardless of their age.


It is common for most young children to have some separation anxiety, and sometimes moms too! Older students may be self conscious about meeting new friends or have anxiety about a new school. Please rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure a smooth adjustment for you and your child. You may feel free to spend a little time in the classroom to make your child feel more comfortable at Meet the Teacher. You are also welcome to call or message the first few days to see how your child is adjusting and to give you a peace of mind. Our School App is also a wonderful place to see pictures of your child at school. The adjustment period can vary depending on the age and maturity of the child. Please remember that your child will soon feel comfortable and look forward to attending every day.


District Site Council

We invite parents who are invested in long term attendance to join our Academy District Site Council. Our School Leadership Team meets twice a year to share accreditation information and data with this group of parents, get feedback, and create a collaborative team. If you would like to be part of our District Site Council please reach out to the Administrator by email or phone to let them know.

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