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 12-24 Months

Toddlers are the ‘Roots’ of our ‘Growing Children Socially and Academically’ program here at Honey Tree and Branches Academy. This is the time in a child’s life when those very early socialization and academic foundations begin to take ‘Root’. We provide a loving, stimulating, vibrant environment to begin growing the foundational roots for your child. Our proprietary Toddler Program is called ‘Early Learning Fun’. We provide the children with five minute academic mini lessons and then combine this with 10 minute intervals of socialization and free playtime. This allows your child to learn to sit, listen, and learn for a very brief amount of time; then have that learning playtime interspersed with supervised interactive free playtime in between. Thematic lessons, books, realia, manipulatives, and songs are an essential part of Early Learning Fun. We provide more than ‘play care or day care’ for your child. We provide the most stimulating learning environment possible in a language rich environment to take advantage of this vital time in your child’s life.

Early Learning Fun


Academic Mini Lessons

Our Toddlers get the opportunity to have daily academic mini lessons that incorporate listening to thematic picture books, oral and tactile language arts lessons, counting and sorting, thematic objects of the week, singing thematic songs, stamping or painting the color or letter of the week, and participating in science, health, art or social studies lessons that integrate with their weekly themes.


Fine Gross Motor Skills

Toddlers need the opportunity to explore their environment and use their hands and bodies to move and manipulate objects. Our toddlers get to explore with painting, safe tools, playdough, coloring, shaving cream, climbing, catching, etc. to help their little bodies develop and learn muscle memory control.


Potty Training

Potty training is an essential component of our toddler program as well. We consistently take our toddlers to the bathroom approximately every hour, and partner with the parents to ensure consistent training is occurring at home as well. Our goal is to have our toddlers potty trained by age 2. We have found that when the parents and the school partner successfully together this is a realistic goal that benefits all of our young families by helping their child be more responsible and eliminating those pull ups!



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