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Our Story

In 2007, Ms. Kimberly Fielding, a public school teacher/leader and mother of five, who was deeply committed to the education of children, saw a need for a different type of private school in Wichita, Kansas. She started off her new adventure with a small leased space and twelve wonderful early childhood students who had very special parents. Honey Tree Academy grew quickly, and within three years the dedicated families had requested Elementary Education as well. Branches Academy was created in 2010 to meet the needs of the community. Honey Tree and Branches Academy eventually purchased their own wooded land in 2013 to create their own large building for the growing school population. The Academy quickly grew to a group of 156 students and by 2015 the second building was built to accommodate the students whose parents wanted a different educational environment for their students. By 2017 Middle School was requested and added to the school.  


Honey Tree Academy became the Early Childhood School, and Branches Academy became the Elementary and Middle School, who collectively have an average enrollment of 200 students.  The warm and inviting buildings are filled with fabulous teachers and incredible students who all work and learn together in a caring, safe, and nurturing environment. Due to Ms. Fielding's dream, vision, and the dedication of her staff; Honey Tree and Branches Academy thrives with classrooms full of teachers who have high expectations, and students that are growing socially and academically. The diverse student population from various backgrounds are challenged through hands on, differentiated, project based learning to 'Reach as High as the Branches'! 

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