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Honey Tree and Branches Academy is a small, Private Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School. This affords us the ability to offer personal, high quality services. Our standards based instruction and small class sizes ensure that our students receive the education that they deserve. We foster individual relationships so that our students feel loved and secure in an environment that promotes structured choices, responsibility, and respect. All children have unique abilities and interests. Our program encourages your child’s academic growth and development utilizing differentiated instruction. This helps build a strong, individualized academic foundation, providing your child with the opportunity to get the most out of their educational experiences.

Directors Message

Welcome! Thank you for taking the first step toward an extraordinary educational experience at Honey Tree and Branches Academy by visiting our website. As the Founder and Director, I invite you to explore further.  Here at Honey Tree and Branches, our objective is to grow children socially and academically. Children who will go out into the world and become the changemakers and caring leaders we are destined to be. We succeed in this endeavor by enveloping our students in a culture of excellence and by providing personal loving guidance to develop the unique talents and potential of each child. When I ask our parents why they bring their children here, they typically mention these things:  Challenging Academics  This is always the first thing parents say. They’ve heard from parents of former students about how exceptionally prepared their children were for elementary, middle school, high school and college. Our students think better, write better, solve problems better, and create better. We have modified our curriculum to meet the problem-solving challenges our students will encounter during their lifetime. We intentionally teach with creative strategies, integration, and a robust hands on learning process while honing their individual and collaboration skills. Our differentiation and project based learning are some of the ways we give students an opportunity to develop their full potential and passions. Social Expectations We give children the opportunity to build a strong social foundation; learn morals, manners, and kind interactions. We help them to focus intently on the formation of conscience, empathy, and integrity which must happen during these formative years of their lives.  Opportunity in a Structured Environment  Parents love the structure! We give children an opportunity to be extraordinary in a safe environment that is structured to meet the needs of young learners. Our small group sizes, coupled with caring teachers, allows us to know, understand, proactively guide and love every child.  Community Honey Tree and Branches Academy is a nurturing place. We care about each other as a family. We accept others for whom they are. Students challenge themselves to be better – 'To Aim as High as the Branches'. Character-building happens every day. We believe boys and girls learn best when they learn together. We have diversity and inclusion standards in our curriculum, so students leave here believing the best decisions are made when many different voices are heard.    If these factors resonate with you, then I recommend you learn more about us. At the bottom of every page, we invite you to take the next step by coming to visit us with your child. See for yourself how warm our community is and let us tell you how we can give your child an extraordinary educational experience. If Honey Tree and Branches Academy feels like home, this is where your family belongs.  Aim as High as the Branches!  Kimberly Fielding Founder/Director

Vision & Values

At Honey Tree and Branches Academy we are committed to growing the whole child: cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally. We are committed to ongoing professional development, ensuring that we are educated facilitators and child advocates capable of integrating differentiated, challenging, academic learning experiences into the curriculum that are appropriate to the diverse developmental levels of the children. Our diligence to learning current educational research and trends, as well as utilizing proven educational strategies that are effective, allow us to grow successful 21st Century Learners capable of cooperation and collaboration in our ever changing world.

21st century skills learned through our curriculum, which is interdisciplinary, integrated, project-based, and more, include the seven survival skills advocated by Tony Wagner in his book, The Global Achievement Gap:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence

  • Agility and Adaptability

  • Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

  • Effective Oral and Written Communication

  • Accessing and Analyzing Information

  • Curiosity and Imagination

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